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Stockton Angling Limited Membership

Applying for Membership

Stockton Angling Limited has 2 membership sections. Section A are full members with full voting rights, and Section B which can be classed as a waiting list for A section membership. Winston and Gainford fishing is restricted to A Section members only, but all other waters are open to both A and B Section members.

Any angler joining Stockton Angling Limited must also become a member of the Association of Teesside and District Angling Clubs (ATDAC), unless already a member through another angling club. ATDAC membership allows access to extensive waters on the River Tees.

Stockton Angling Limited is also a member of the Lower Tees Amalgamation which gives members access to waters from Thornaby to Preston Park.

If you know a club member you should ask that member to propose you for membership. If you do not know a club member please telephone the club on 01642 583860 to discuss your application.

The entry fee for the A Section is £20.00, for the B Section £6.00.

Click on Application Form to submit a membership application.

Please Note:-

Juniors (Under 16) and wives must be accompanied by a member.

If you have paid your subscription to ATDAC through another club please provide proof of payment to the Treasurer.

Subscriptions 2022

Annual subscription for 2022 are due on 1st March 2022

A Section
Subscription £58.00

B Section
Subscription £41.00

A Section life members (elected after 13th February 2020)
Subscription £29.00

B Section life members (elected after 13th February 2020)
Subscription £20.50

Juniors over 16 on 1st March 2022 but under 18, half adult rate. Juniors under 16 on 1st March 2022 and the spouse of a full member, £4.00.

ATDAC Full member £12. Pensioners, wives and children under 18 £6.

Subscriptions and ATDAC tickets must be paid by cheque and sent to Mr J Steel, 13 Hackforth Road, Hartburn, Stockton on Tees, TS18 5NF, together with a stamped addressed envelope.

ALL CHEQUES MUST BE MADE PAYABLE TO STOCKTON ANGLING LIMITED. Would any member wishing to pay at the Treasurers home, please telephone first (01642 583860) to arrange a time.

If you have already paid your ATDAC subscription through another club please provide evidence of payment when renewing your membership.

Members can also now pay subscriptions by bank transfer. Members must call (see above) the treasurer first to confirm the amount payable and to receive the club's account details and their club membership number. Members must then provide both their surname and club number when making the bank transfer.

Angler Identification

When you renew your subscription you will be issued with a small sticker which you must place on your car windscreen to identify you as a club member to bailiffs and farmers. If you have more than one car another sticker can be obtained from the Treasurer, please let him know when you renew your subscription.

The Angling Trust

The club has been a long time supporter of the ACA which recently combined with other bodies representing angling interests to form the Angling Trust.

The Angling Trust is the single representative and governing body for all angling. It fights for anglers' interests, takes legal action against polluters, promotes angling, lobbies government and encourages greater participation. It can only do these things with the support of individual anglers.

Stockton Angling is now a full member of this new body but in order to be really effective the newly formed Trust needs as many members as possible and that means not only clubs but individuals as well and we urge our members to join the Trust.

Details of how to join can be found on the Angling Trust website, join today - so that we can all go fishing tomorrow!

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More information on the Angling Trust website

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