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Bream caught on the Lower Tees by Ken Trattles

River Tees Bream

Barbel (10lb 2oz) caught on the River Swale by Kevin Guy

River Tees Barbel

Salmon (5-6lb) caught in the Sand Hole by Neil Cruickshank

River Tees Salmon

Near 20lb Pike caught by Doug Davison on the Lower Tees

River Tees Pike

25 Tees Bream

River Tees Bream

Bream (6lb) caught on the River Tees by Mike Allinson

River Tees Barbel

Chubb (4-5lb) caught at Gainford by Chris Barr

Gainford Chubb

Chubb (5lb 9oz) caught at Morton by Michael Wood

Morton Chubb

Pike (12lb+) caught by Michael Wood in winter weather

Winter Pike

Barbel (8lb 12oz) caught by Michael Brookes at the Dovecot

Dovecot Barbel

Fly Casting demonstration and instruction at Gainford June 2010

Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing

Pike (18lb 12oz) caught by Carl Young at Worsall

Worsall Pike

Chubb (5lb 12oz) caught by Brian Connell at Paradise Gravels


Pike (12lb) caught by Paul Lorraine on the Lower Tees